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Pest Control London

We offer local pest control treatments for rats, mice, bed bugs, cockroaches and other insects.

Swift same-day pest control in London.

Certified exterminators for safe removal.

Child and pet-friendly methods used.

Inspection, treatment, and proofing provided.

Heat Treatment for Bed Bugs Specialist.

Steam Treatment for Bed Bugs Available.

Your Pest Control Experts

The presence of pests in your property can risk bringing damage and disease into your dwelling and can often escalate quickly to become infestations, which is why calling in professionals as soon as you spot an issue is crucial.

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Heat Treatment

Our Heat Treatment Solution stands as the singular method eradicating all life stages of bedbugs and other insects swiftly, distinguishing itself as the ultimate insect elimination treatment.

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Mice/Rats Control

Mice and Rats pest control services in norbury SW16, Mitcham rodent control. Mice and Rats usually enter the home through holes that are exposed form the outside or open pipe works

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Bed Bugs Control

Bed bugs pest control services in norbury SW16, Mitcham Bed bugs control, Bed bugs are usually brought into a home carried on clothing, or in luggage or furniture.

Your Trusted Partner in Pest Control Excellence


RM Pestokill's Experts will do a thorough assessment of your home or business and identify pest hideouts, level of infestation, and best treatment to proceed with


Pest can be completely eliminated from your home or business with our expert pest control solutions in London. Same-day and emergency pest control treatments are available.


Post treatment Monitoring and follow-up are included in the pest control services we provide in London. This ensures no pests return to the scene.


RM Pestokill’s Experts will do a thorough assessment of your home or business and identify pest hideouts, level of infestation, and best treatment to proceed with



Steam Treatment

At RM Pestokill, harnessing steam's power to eradicate pests, Ensuring a thorough extermination, leaving no unwelcome guests.

Pest Control

RM Pestokill's Expertise, a shield against Pest infestation's, Comprehensive Pest Control London Solutions, securing a pest-free life.

Residential Services

Residential Pest Control Services consists of treating your home both inside and outside if required to shield your home against its exclusive pest invaders.

Commercial Services

Commercial Pest Control Services consists of treating your business or other premesis both inside and outside if required to shield your business against pest invaders.

Our Testimonials with


We really appreciate the pest control services you have provided to us for the past two years. The professionalism shown by you and your staff is extremely importantin the small business world. I look forward to my next annual inspection this year!

Robert Maxwell

RM Pesto Kill Company did a quick and excellent job ridding us of an infestation and has kept us pest free ever since 2016. I would highly recommend their services to anyone or any company that needs it.

Maria Robinson

Thank you so much for your outstanding service and the follow-up treatments making sure things were okay. Also, I appreciate you working around my work schedule to get the job done. I will use your services again in the future

Kristina Bellis

Got Questions? We've Got Answers!

Some frequently asked questions

Which pests do you treat?

Our service partners can treat bedbugs, mice, rats, flies, moths, cockroaches, ants, spiders, squirrels, flies, woodworm, dust mites, carpet beetles. RM Pestokill is your one-stop solution for pest control services.

Do you work with all types of residences / businesses?

Yes, we work with all kinds of clients - whether they are commercial (food processing industry, restaurants warehouses etc) as well as wholesale and retail stores across London

Will you leave a mess in my property, do I need to clean up after you finish?

You can rest easily knowing that we don't leave any mess or waste at your home. It is however advisable not to clean your home after pest control service for at least 2 hours but if you wish to do so you can go ahead with cleaning

Do I need to be out of the premises during the treatment?

This is dependant on the treatment. If it involves spraying/fumigation - then you have to leave the space where sprays has been applied at least for a couple of hours. However, you will be instructed beforehand according to your personalised service as to what steps need to be taken prior to your visit and for the future too!

Other questions or requests? Send us an email to: rmpestokill@gmail.com



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