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Ants are very irritating pests and live together in large numbers. It is estimated that there are more than 20,000 of ant species. They are small, black or reddish brown in color. They are attracted to anything sugary or oily and also get attracted to heated areas like boilers, kitchens, laundries, central heating pipes, radiators, etc.

They form nests that are difficult to locate and leave a scented trail that once broken leave them confused and it takes them some time to form a new nest and prepare a new colony of larger participants.

Garden ants can normally be eradicated by using insecticides in the form of dust powder or sprays directly to the nest site, but the case is not same for in house infestation as it is hard to locate their nests and trails. Professionals at RM Pestokill are experienced at handling such inside the premises ants infestation and apply environment friendly solutions to eradicate the infestation to the fullest extent.

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Food Beetles / Moths

Moths or Beetles can cause huge amount of damage to your stored products especially food based products.

Any stock damage can be the first sign of Moths presence inside the premises. They usually lay their eggs within the food product for their newborn larvae to feed upon once hatched.

Our team of experts on initial inspection looks for the hotspots of the insect activity within the given area to understand the estimate size of the infestation, identify the type of insect, study their breeding cycles and feeding habits, this will help us to formulate the best action plan to get rid of the infestation.

Beetles: Larder beetles, grain weevils, saw tooth grain beetle, flour beetle, biscuit beetle, yellow meal worm beetle and spider beetles.

Moths: Mill moth, Indian meal moth and the tropical warehouse moth are the most common type moths. There are many more insect’s which infest stored products but those mentioned tend to show up more regularly and appear more wide spread.

They can be treated with different forms of insecticide and lure traps. Contact us for a free inspection and provide you with different cost effective solutions to help solve these costly infestations from getting worse and its recurrence in near future.

bed bugs


Fleas are flat bodied, reddish brown in colour and 2mm long insect which usually harps on host’s hair namely dogs and cats. They are quite irritating once infest the host and may result in creating intermediary home for tapeworms in the host’s digestive system.

Though cats and dogs are more prone to flea infestation, they sometime don’t even spare humans. Fleas when infest humans may cause huge amount of distress not due to their bites only but also due to the spikes on their legs that gives stinging sensation.

Controlling fleas has to be thorough with pets, bedding, carpets, and use of contact insecticide might be required.

Note: The treatment of the pets are the owner’s responsibility.

It is advisable to give us a call as soon as you notice any fleas around so that we may tailor a problem specific solution in order to get rid of the fleas and stop them from breeding further.


These scary summertime creatures can cause havoc to your summer enjoyment. Usually categorized as paper wasp, yellow jacket wasp or bald headed wasp, they usually build their nest under concrete floor, inside air vents, in roofs, in trees or even on the outside wall of your garden.

Wasp bites are quite painful and if gets access to kitchen may cause contamination of food as well. Therefore it is suggested that if you notice them buzzing around inside your premises, take it as the first sign of wasp infestation. We therefore suggest for professional pest control help.

RM Pestokill gets rid of the problem by injecting an insecticide powder into the wasp nest. It will take at least 1-2 days for the powder to have full effect.

Garden Treatment

We are providing Garden Pest Control for all Commercial and Industrial spaces. These services are providing with the aid of innovative methodology making use of quality approved chemicals and pesticides which are helping in eradicating pests from the garden. An insecticide perimeter treatment helps as a first line of defense around your home, stopping pests before they enter.

This type of treatment offers one of the best insecticide defenses against outdoor pests that migrate inside for winter, including boulder bugs, stink bugs, and Asian lady beetles. Susceptibility of a garden to pests is one of the biggest problems faced by most of the gardeners. However there are some techniques that discourage their presence at the first place, yet there is treatment for pest control once they appear in your garden area.

Black Ants Control

The black garden ant also known as the common black ant, is a real headache for gardeners. They nest in grassy areas and eat ripe fruits, especially fruits like strawberries.

Ants may enter your house foraging for food or seek shelter. Understanding the activities of ants will support you with the recommended pest control procedures outlined here.

They enter through the smallest openings, foraging for water or food. They are in examine of either sweet based food or protein/grease based foods. Once they find a food source, ants will leave a pheromone trail for other ants to follow.

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